Online Feedback Forms

Key Questions

  • What are online feedback forms and how are they used
  • What should be on an online feedback form?
  • What data validation techniques can be used?
  • What are the legal restrictions on online feedback forms?


  • Cheaper than other methods
  • Data is automatically entered in to the database in exactly the correct format, reducing time and the potential for errors.
  • Some people are more likely to give feedback if they don’t have to complain face-to-face.


  • Less personal than face to face / over the phone, so the possibility to ‘up-sell’ to higher priced packages is reduced.
  • Initial cost to setup and test.
  • New training required for staff
  • Doesn’t allow more probing questions based upon answers that face-to-face or telephone feedback allows.

 Example online feedback form

Your Name (required)

#This is a required text box

Your Email (required)

#This is a required text box

What type of photography session have you booked / are looking for ?
 Family / Couples Modelling Commercial Art / Design Group Shoots ( Schools & Clubs) Event ( Sporting, club) Other
#These are radio buttons

How would you rate the following:

Our website

Very Poor Excellent
#number slider

Communication by our company

Very Poor Excellent
#number slider

Quality of service

Very Poor Excellent
#number slider

Do you want us to contact you by phone to discuss you views further? If so please add your phone number below:

#telephone number validation used here

We welcome all feedback from customers! Any other information you would like us to know?

#Paragraph text box

Please tick this box to say that you have read and agree to our privacy policy

 I Agree
#a required check box used here

#don't forget a send button!



Revise by practicing these exam questions. Email your answers to your teacher for feedback.

  • What data entry box types would you use in your booking form?
  • What would you have to inform the customer when taking their information.
  • What are the security risks of online booking forms and how can these risks be managed?