Diary Management Software

Key Questions

  • How can online diary management help travelling photographers and the businesses head office?
  • What are the risks involved in sharing calendars?



 Example Online Bookable Calendar

have a go at adding your own photography booking to my calendar!

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Revise by practicing these exam questions. Email your answers to your teacher for feedback.

  • What is an advantage of seeing all the staff calendars on the DMS? [1]
  • What is a potential problem of integrating both the work and personal calendar? [1]
  •  How does showing both personal and business calendar help potential conflicts? [2]
  • How does a photographer use technology to assist him/her when they are out of office? [2]
  • Describe why a business may use the categorise feature on a DMS [2]
  • Why may freelance photographers feel reluctant to share their contacts on a DMS? [2]
  • Describe how the business may use the contact section and mail merge to create publications [3]
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating one email account that multiple members of staff have access to?
  • When receiving emails it is possible to set up tasks. What could one example of tasks be with regard to email?