Creating Google Cardboard Games using Unity & Sketchup

Screenshot_2015-03-01-11-54-57 Need help with this tutorial? Come along to the FREE workshop at Edge Hill University  and sign up for the Cardboard session. This weekend I did a couple of talks on how you can use Google Cardboard, together with Unity and and Sketch-up, to create your own 3D world. Here is a basic guide for how to get your own Google Cardboard VR development set up.

Step 1 – Install the required software

unitylogoandroidskdlogosketchup logo   First you need to install the following software:


Step 2 – Create a basic terrain in unity and add some mouse control.

step2 terrain sshot Follow this video tutorial on how to create simple terrain ready to start building on!

Step 3 – Create a sketch-up house to add to your game

sketchup house   Follow this tutorial for how to create a basic Google Sketchup House

Step 4 – Add your Sketch-up house to your game

house in unity Once you have finished you house, you need to export it to a COLLADA File and then add it in to your game. ALSO I FORGOT TO ADD SKY BEFORE, SO WILL WILL ADD SOME HERE! 🙂 Here is the link to the Video

Step 5 – Add the Google Cardboard ‘Turn your head to look’ control.

Go to Talking Quickly’s guide and add turn your head support  ( start from where it says ‘ One Camera for one eye). But don’t export your file to an android SDK yet! We need to do one more step. Link to the tutorial here.

Step 6 – Add my auto-walk script to your character

Download this script file.

The version only works in Unity 4 !!!! AutoWalk

Use this version for Unity 5 AutoWalkUnity5

Now add it to your Unity project by following this video.