GPIO Games for MicroControllers

Here are some GPIO game resources that I produced for Computer Science workshops I am involved in. The workshops are free for teachers and are based at Edge Hill. Details can be found here: All worksheets are designed to be printed double sided  Steady Hand Game Steady Hand RPi Python 0.2 Steady Hand MicroPython 0.2 […]

Treasure Hunt Challenge

Introduction One of the aims of MineCraft is to mine precious raw materials, but some materials are hidden deep underground.. Wouldn’t it be great if we could write a script that helped us find these raw materials? The Challenge Your challenge is to write a script that constantly checks down 50 blocks below your player […]

Creating a Double Helix on MineCraft Pi Edition.

So I got bored last night and decided to create a double helix! Here’s the code. The first thing I did was imported all the modules I needed and start the connection to the server.: import math, block, random import minecraft as minecraft mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create() mc.postToChat(“Welcome to the Double Helix Creator”) The Maths Creating the […]