GPIO Games for MicroControllers

Here are some GPIO game resources that I produced for Computer Science workshops I am involved in. The workshops are free for teachers and are based at Edge Hill. Details can be found here: All worksheets are designed to be printed double sided  Steady Hand Game Steady Hand RPi Python 0.2 Steady Hand MicroPython 0.2 […]

MicroPython Beginner’s Input Tutorial

Here’s how to set up and test the MicroPython unit for push button input. Step 1. Hardware Setup Plug one of your jumpers in to the 3.3V Supply Pin. Plug the other jumper in to the Y1 Pin Step 2. Coding your program Plug your MicroPython board in to a USB port on your computer […]

Online Feedback Forms

Advantages Cheaper than other methods Data is automatically entered in to the database in exactly the correct format, reducing time and the potential for errors. Some people are more likely to give feedback if they don’t have to complain face-to-face. Disadvantages Less personal than face to face / over the phone, so the possibility to […]

Travelling Photographers

 The Travelling photographer’s role Work activities vary. However, common activities for most photographers include: working with clients to discuss the images they require and how they want to use them; seeking out appropriate photographic subjects and opportunities; carrying out research and preparation for a shoot; working in different locations and in different circumstances to get […]


  What are cookies? Researched and collated by Georgia A In simple terms, cookies are just files that reside on your computer. Cookies are created when you visit a website. They are used to store bits of information about your interactions with the website, which the web server can use later when processing your sessions. Benefits Cookies are used […]

Privacy Policy

By ticking accept you are agreeing to the following: 1. We can sell your telephone number and email address to third parties. We especially like PPI insurance sales companies and companies that call you to tell you that you have won a free holiday abroad. 2. We store all our information on unsecured servers in […]

Treasure Hunt Challenge

Introduction One of the aims of MineCraft is to mine precious raw materials, but some materials are hidden deep underground.. Wouldn’t it be great if we could write a script that helped us find these raw materials? The Challenge Your challenge is to write a script that constantly checks down 50 blocks below your player […]

Creating a Double Helix on MineCraft Pi Edition.

So I got bored last night and decided to create a double helix! Here’s the code. The first thing I did was imported all the modules I needed and start the connection to the server.: import math, block, random import minecraft as minecraft mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create() mc.postToChat(“Welcome to the Double Helix Creator”) The Maths Creating the […]

How to make a Raspberry Pi Ladybird with flashing LEDs

Here is the full tutorial on how to make a 3D printed Raspberry Pi Ladybird with programmable LEDs that  flash. The model plugs directly in to your Raspberry Pi and can be programmed using either Scratch or Python. You can either make your model using 3D printed as shown below or make the model using […]

How to play music on your Pi

So you want to play some music on you Pi? Well there are plenty of ways of playing music and we are going to cover just 2 simple ways. Play music straight from the command line (LXTerminal) Step 1 – Open LXTerminal First open up LXTerminal on your desktop.   Step 2. Plug in your speakers […]

How to get your Pi to speak to you

For this tutorial you will need: A set of speakers or headphones to plug in to your Pi Here’s a cool way of getting your pi to speak to you! 1. Open LXTerminal First open up LXTerminal on your desktop. 2. Install Espeak Now you need to download and install Espeak, the program that transforms […]

How to take screenshots on the Pi

Taking a screenshot isn’t enabled by default of the raspberry pi, so here is how you do it. 1. Open LXTerminal First open up LXTerminal on your desktop.   2. Install Scrot Now you need to download and install Scrot, a tiny screen shot utility. Open up LXTerminal and type the following command: pi@raspberrypi ~ […]